What Really is The Federal Reserve?

Republic Enterprises, LLC

is an information company with a twofold mission. First, to educate Americans about the value of free markets and individual rights. Second, to provide Americans with investment opportunities that can give them economic stability in our current economic environment. Only when Americans are educated and financially secure will they be able to affect positive change in our government.

Some of our beliefs are:

* Fractional-reserve banking systems, such as the one managed by the Federal Reserve, create unstable economic environments and steal wealth away from the lower and middle classes.

* Free markets allow the public to become prosperous. When a market is managed through subsidies, tax incentives, regulations, financial easing, and artificially set interest rates, market information is lost and the public does not have the information it needs to determine the real price of items. This creates boom and bust cycles in the economy that damage the middle class.

* Monetary systems based on a tangible asset such as gold and silver allow citizens to preserve their earnings and build equity in their lives.

* A "republic" that protects individual rights is preferable over a "democracy" that allows majority groups to oppress minority groups.

* A system of justice that protects an individual's earned property is preferable to a system of equity that tries to provide for everyone.